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Diving Services, Scuba Replacement, Surface Orienated Hose Diving using Air & Mixed Gas with surface decompression, Saturation Diving

Rig support diving services.


Advanced Offshore Contractors Pvt. Ltd. is able to provide its customers with a variety of Diving Services to suit their needs. From the basic underwater survey using Scuba – Replacement, right up to a full inspection program or Heavy construction Project using surface orientated Mixed gas diving and saturation technique. Our Personnel are trained to the highest international standards recognised by International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). Our equipments also meet the strict specifications and requirements laid out by IMCA.

  • Underwater Hull and Propeller surveys can be carried out on short notice. A full report including video and photographs will be submitted after such an inspection.
  • Underwater inspections in lieu of Dry – Docking and class extensions can be carried out using our scuba-replacement system. The diver is supplied breathing air from HP air bank on the surface. A hat mounted camera is mounted on the divers helmet, he also has hard wire voice communications with the diving supervisor and attending surveyor in the surface. This system was designed for areas with limited space and portability in mind, and is fully self contained and ready to use within minutes of unloading.
  • When you reach the safe limit of air diving we can supply surface orienated gas diving system and saturation diving.
  • Underwater inspection using Remotely Operated Vechile (ROV)